2022 Intermediate Fantasy Finals

Sold For
Bidder 1
1Butler Verona and Eli550John Stottlemyre2875
2Butler Verona and Mike500John Stottlemyre
3Butler Verona and Roxie220James Butler
4Butler Verona and JM Gus210Traci Willoughby
5Chandler Erby and Reevy200Joe Jones
6Chandler Erby and Shiela200Joe Jones
7Coleman Cindy and J1 Mern200GotDog? LLC
8Coleman Cindy and JC Suke200Cindy Coleman
9Combs Becky and Kate225Megan DuBois
10Combs Becky and Sadie235Megan DuBois
11Gerken Carol and Kali200AB
12Holt Gentry and MISR Annie200Gentry Holt11314
13Johnson Angie and Myke400Shane Clark3730
14Johnson Angie and JJ Belle425Shane Clark
15Johnson Guy and TS Kit350Ernie Mill
16Johnson Guy and JJ Ruby200Dee Jones
17McCourt Doreen and MISR Maggie200Jeri Houston
18Morrow Leonard and Gus200Mary Morrow
19Thueson RJ and ROW Jed200Thueson
20Thueson RJ and Ace200Thueson
21Wight Stockton and Bug325Mill Iron S Ranch
22Zettle Shanda and Lacey200GotDog? LLC