Officers and Board of Directors:

Steve is a 2nd generation cattle rancher and lifetime dog trainer and handler. He has competed with his Border Collies throughout the country and has won 4 National titles. He enjoys teaching clinics, competing with his dogs, and meeting other dogs and handlers around the country.

Jeannie has owned and loved dogs and been around stock her entire life. She is a renowned Agility trainer and competitor and has recently returned to her roots of stock dog work with her Australian Shepherds and Border Collies.  She spent several years rodeo’ing and raising and training colts.  She has become “hooked” on stockdog trials and has quickly become a major competitor and driving force behind MSSA and herding opportunities in Oregon.

  • Sheri Wight
    Bancroft, Idaho

Sheri has spent her entire life raising and training dogs but it was not until she met her husband that she became familiar with Border Collies, working stock dogs and stock dog trials. Along with her husband, Sheri raises and trains working Border Collies and is actively involved in hosting, organizing and supporting training clinics, trials and the working stockdog,

  • Clyde McCourt
    Price, Utah

Clyde has been a part of the cattle industry his entire life. He continues to run a large cattle herd and his dogs are a vital part of that operation. He runs big country and relies heavily on the help of his dogs in gathering his cattle. He has begun trialing in the last few years and has traveled all over the country with his dogs.

  • Doreen McCourt
    Price, Utah

Doreen has been around dogs, cattle and animals and rodeo her entire life.  Doreen has extensive experience with each. She is an active part of her cattle ranch and enjoys life out on the range with her family, dogs and cattle. She is a knowledgeable and devoted to her animals and particularly loves her cattle dogs. She is just beginning her trialing career but will soon be a top competitor