Sheep Qualifications UPDATE


As of March 28, 2021

If you are qualified for Finals in Cattle you can enter sheep if you wish. So if you are qualified in Intermediate Cattle you are qualified for Intermediate Sheep. Likewise, if you are qualified for Nursery Cattle you are qualified for Nursery Sheep.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

We will build a third arena if entries mandate it! We are super excited to to see you all!

2021 MSSA National Finals

Hello members!

We are excited about this years Finals coming up July 12-17 in Afton Wyoming.  Below you will find the tentative schedule of events.  Remember, these are subject to change depending upon entries. 

You will notice that Open, Nursery, Intermediate and Novice Cattle Finals are ALL on Saturday this year.  This will be the “Short Round”.  Once entries are in, we will announce how many will be coming back to that round.  This round will be Rounds 1 and 2 accumulative.  This is for CATTLE only.

To qualify for this years cattle, you must have earned points in the current year.  Entry Fee $300 per dog per class.

For the Ultimate Stockdog Challenge we have a couple changes from last year.  Intermediate and Novice will stay the same, you must enter both Cattle and Sheep to be in the running for Ultimate Stockdog.  For Open and Nursery, you must enter both Cattle and Sheep PLUS enter the field trial to be in the running for the Ultimate Stockdog.

Sheep entries for this year will be determined in this order: those that have qualifying points, then those that are running for the Ultimate Stockdog.  Depending upon entries, we may have to limit the number non-qualified folks can enter.  We will base this last set of entries on how many cattle points you have (Intermediate and Novice will be based on cattle points for this last set of entrants as well).  Entry Fee $200 per dog per class.

Field entries.  Only Open and Nursery will have a field trial this year.  You must enter the field trial to be in the running for the Ultimate Stockdog Challenge.  It will cost $100 per dog per class.  This money, less stock charge, will be paid out in that one run.  Your score will be added to the Challenge accumulative. 

Additional events we have planned right now are Tuesday Night Goat Roping, the 4H Benefit Dinner and Auction on Wednesday Night, an MSSA member Get-Together Potluck Dinner Thursday Night, AND we will be having an Awards Ceremony and desert social on Saturday Night!  We are thinking about doing either a band or some other form of music for dancing after the Awards Ceremony (more to come on that later).

Entries will open May 1st and close June 15th.  Entries must be post marked by June 15th.  If you are late in sending in, we ask that you priority mail next day OR enter Online.  Do not forget that ALL Futurity dogs still must fill out an entry form (no money due) so we know you are coming!

Please write a separate check for your Cattle entry and Sheep entry IF you are not in the guaranteed entry category. 

We are looking forward to another amazing Finals for you!  Hope to see you all there.

MSSA Board Members


Nutrena Loyall Life


  1. Open Cattle (1)


  1. Nursery Cattle (1)


  1. Intermediate Cattle (2)

4H Benefit Auction/Dinner


  1. Open Cattle (2)


  1. Futurity Cattle Finals


  1. Nursery Finals
  2. Open Finals


Nutrena Loyall Arena


  1. Intermediate Cattle (1)


  1. Novice Cattle (1)


  1. Futurity Cattle (1)


  1. Nursery Cattle (2)


  1. Novice Cattle (2)


  1. Novice Cattle Finals
  2. Intermediate Finals

Nutrena Plaid Perks Arena


  1. Nursery Sheep (1)
  2. Novice Sheep (1)


  1. Intermediate Sheep (1)
  2. Open Sheep (1)



  1. Novice Sheep Finals
  2. Intermediate Sheep Finals


  1. Open Sheep Finals
  2. Nursery Sheep Finals

Nutrena Ultimate Field


  1. Open Cattle


  1. Nursery Cattle