Scholarship Fund

We would like to congratulate Alli Thueson on being our $1000 Scholarship recipient for 2024! Below is her letter to us.

Dear Mountain States Stockdog Association,

I’ve been going to dog trials for about five years. I’ve made many memories, made friends and learned valuable lessons. My travel partners for dog trials are my dad, RJ Thueson, and Lee Larsen.  Because of the time I  have spent traveling to and participating in dog trials, I have strengthened my relationship with my dad. Consequently, going to MSSA trials has become our thing! Dog trialing has also been an avenue for me to make lasting connections and friendships. Having the opportunity to meet other people who I share the same interest with, has helped me become a better person as well as a dog handler. I also have learned many things from participating in dog trials. One thing that I have learned is that in every trial every handler strives to have a plan for how they are going to go about their run. What they cannot plan for is what cattle they will draw. This means that handlers need to develop the ability to adjust and think on their feet when it is their turn to trial. In life, there are also times when things won’t go as planned. but being able to adjust and adapt to life’s circumstances will help you to be more successful in everything you do. 

My association with the Mountain States Stockdog Association has also grown my love for animals. Watching these amazing dogs work and compete is one of the reasons why I will be pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. I believe every person has a purpose in life, and I found mine early in life while helping my dad care for our animals. Growing up in a ranching/farming community I have had endless opportunities to expand my knowledge in the animal field. My passion for animals is firm, driving me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, to support local ranchers and ensure the health and well-being of their animals.

Despite being asked frequently about my post-graduation plans, my career path is clear—I aspire to become a veterinarian and make a meaningful impact on animal health. My determination, cultivated through years of working with animals, motivates me to pursue higher education in veterinary medicine.

Discovering my purpose in animal science has shaped my collegiate aspirations. With a profound love for animals and a desire to serve my community, I am eager to apply my education and skills to contribute to the welfare of animals and the agricultural industry.

Through MSSA I have learned much about myself and working as a team in the arena and out. I’ve made lasting friendships and connections that I will cherish for many years to come. Being part of the Mountain States Stockdog Association has made me even more passionate about animals. Watching the bond between handler and dog in action has lit a fire in me for veterinary medicine. I know now that’s what I want to do—to take care of animals and make sure they’re healthy and happy. I will always be grateful for the Mountain States Stockdog Association for what you have done for me as a handler and an individual. 


Allí Thueson

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