2022 Novice Fantasy Finals

Sold For
Bidder 1
1Balls Craig and Ricky 200Mill Iron S Ranch
2Callahan Johnny and Cleo 200BBJ
3Jacobs Barbara and GS Levi 200Brian Jacobs
4Jacobs Barbara and GS Romel 200Brian Jacobs
5Jacobs Haylie and GS Bently 200Marc Stelling
6Jacobs Haylie and Klem 200Marc Stelling
7Jennings Cynthia and Sis 200Cynthia Jennings
8Mill Ernie and Wish 250Ernie Mill
9Pierce Jerri Lynn and Vonnie 200Jerri Lynn Pierce
10Stottlemyre John and Em 550Megan DuBois
11Stottlemyre John and Summer 350John Stottlemyre
12Thueson Alli and Ace 200Thueson
13Thueson Alli and Walter 200Thueson
14Vanornum Henry and SJP Eddie 550John Stottlemyre2665
15Vanornum Henry and Lonerider Boogie 525John Stottlemyre1995
16Westover Derek and Skye 200Darren Koski3553