2022 Nursery Fantasy Finals

Sold For
Bidder 1
1Acosta Frankie and Willie200Timothy Neal
2Butler James and Glen225Sayde Burch
3Butler James and Gene 225Sayde Burch
4Butler Verona and Roxie 225Sayde Burch
5Hepworth Tyson and MISR Rooster 200Mill Iron S Ranch3790
6Hepworth Tyson and Cowboy 200Stephanie Hepworth
7Iorg Newt and Tuff 200Gentry Holt
8Jacobs Brian and GS Mojo 550Brian Jacobs
9Jacobs Brian and RKB Lacey 700Brian Jacobs
10Jacobs Brian and Jolene 700Brian Jacobs11423
11Lippe Kevin and Sue 225Megan DuBois
12Lippe Kevin and Buck 200Sayde Burch2950
13Mahurin Abigayle and Toast 200Sonny Mahurin
14Mahurin Sonny and PS Pete 275Sayde Burch
15Morrow Leonard and Gus 200Mary Morrow
16Myers Nathan and Rich 200Kip O'Brien
17Myers Nathan and Vinny 200Nathan Myers
18Thompson Mike and Nap 200Chris Timmons
19Tietjen Joni and HR Kate 275Joni Tietjen
20Tietjen Joni and Monster 325Joni Tietjen
21Vanornum Henry and SJP Eddie 200Henry Vanornum
22Vanornum Henry and Lonerider Boogie 200Henry Vanornum
23Westover Derek and Skye 200Darren Koski