2022 Open Fantasy Finals

Sold For
Bidder 1
1Acosta Frankie and Sam425Danny Maddox
2Biggers Jeannie and MISR Zuki 200GotDog? LLC
3Bisnett Dennis and Reese 200Mary Van Wormer
4Bulkley Jeanne and Ella 200Jeanne Bulkley
5Bulkley Jeanne and Ollie 200Jeanne Bulkley
6Butler James and Glen 225Traci Willoughby21337
7Butler James and Eli 240Traci Willoughby31115
8Butler James and Dolly 650James Butler
9Butler James and JM Gus 225Traci Willoughby
10Butler James and Pete 240James Butler
11Butler James and HR Gene 250James Butler
12Gahm Sara-Jo and Molly 200AB
13Gahm Sara-Jo and Pace 200John Connolly
14Gonzalez Jaime and JG Gus 200Jaime Gonzalez
15Gonzalez Jaime and JG Loree 200Jaime Gonzalez
16Horner Jeffrey and Tesla 200Jeffrey Horner
17Hurliman Dwayne and Syd 600John Stottlemyre12005
18Hurliman Dwayne and Bill 400John Stottlemyre
19Iorg Newt and Nell 200Gentry Holt
20Iorg Newt and Tuff 200Gentry Holt
21Jacobs Brian and GS Mojo 275Brian Jacobs
22Jacobs Brian and RKB Lacey 475Brian Jacobs
23Jacobs Brian and Jolene 450Brian Jacobs
24Lippe Kevin and Chock 375Verona Butler
25Mahurin Sonny and Dillon 200Daphnne Burch
26Mahurin Sonny and PS Pete 225Megan DuBois
27Mendenhall Buck and Trio200James Butler
28Myers Nathan and C7 Torry 200Tiffany Myers
29Myers Nathan and Rich 200R & K Hunting Co.
30Myers Nathan and Vinny 200Sophia Buttars
31Thompson Mike and HP 200Leonard Morrow
32Tietjen Joni and HR Kate 235Verona Butler
33Tietjen Joni and Monster 225Verona Butler