2022 Fantasy Finals






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Got a favorite team going to the Finals this year?  Want to be a part of the action but can’t make it to the finals this year?  Buy your team today and be in the race yourself for the Ultimate Stockdog!

Here is how it works:

  1. A handler/dog team MUST be entered and in the running for the Ultimate Stockdog.
  2. June 2oth at 6:00 pm MST the list will go live.  You will select which team(s) you are wanting to buy or be in on the live auction for.  Hit submit.  You will receive an invoice for $200 per team you selected.  That invoice will be due July 5th.  This invoice will be updated and removal of team(s) that are going up for auction.
  3. Each team is available for up to 4 bidders max.
  4. If you selected a team that has multiple bidders there will be a live auction July 6th at 6 pm MST.  You MUST be available to take a phone call when your team comes up for auction.  You will then receive an invoice for any team(s) you have bid on and won… balance due immediately.
  5. If a team does not sell or an invoice is not paid by July 5th, those teams will still be available for purchase up to Sunday July 10th midnight.
  6. Watch your team, via the live feed or in person, climb the ladder to be the Ultimate Stockdog!
  7. 50% of the money brought in from sold dogs will go to the Fantasy Finals buyers and 50% will go into the payout of the Ultimate Stockdog team.
  8. Open, Nursery, Intermediate, and Novice Ultimate Stockdog teams are all up for sale!  Entry will stay in class, which means if 20 teams at $200 are sold in the Open then $4000 total is up for grabs in the Open, if 50 teams at $200 are sold in the Novice then $10,000 is up for grabs in Novice.
  9. For example: IF 40 teams are sold at $200 = $8000
    1. $4000 will be paid out to the Fantasy Finals buyers
      1. 1st place $2000
      2. 2nd place $1200
      3. 3rd place $800
    2. $4000 will be paid out to the Ultimate Stockdog winners
      1. 1st place $2000
      2. 2nd place $1200
      3. 3rd place $800

IF a team is NOT sold it will NOT be in the running for this money. The money will then go to the next team down.

Anyone can buy a team or multiple teams on the MSSA website. Selling of teams will start June 21st at this link!